Opened to the public in 1970 and rennovated in 1995, the memorial museum, consisting of four exhibition rooms, dispalys books, manuscripts, documents, photos, furniture and personal objects pertaining to the writer born in Zabrani (Guttenbrunn) in 1852, in the house nr. 316
Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn is the most important German novelist of the Banat. Author of autobiographic (The Little Schwab – 1910, Master Jacob And His Children – 1918) and historical novels (The Bells Of Home -1910, The Great Migration Of The Schwabs – 1913, Joseph The German – 1917). Between 1919 and 1921 he published the “Lenau” trilogy (Parent’s House, Demonic Years, At Hight), dedicated to the German poet Nikolaus Lenau, also born in Banat.
After 1870, Adam Müller-Guttenbrunn lived and worked in Vienna. He was journalist, literary and theater criticist and founded the first popular theater – Raimund Theater – being the first director of it. He died in 1923.